"I believe in the "Make Your Day" program.  It helped me to be a better teacher and it helped my kindergartners to be better learners.  It is an effective tool that helps children feel good about doing their best.  It focuses not only on the positive behaviors, but it also allows for mistakes.

From an early age children learn to take responsibility for their actions.  They feel proud when they make their day and learn to make better choices when they don't.  Children know what is expected of them and it helps improve behaviors at school and at home, too!

I saw so much improvement schoolwide that I proudly wore my school t-shirt:  I make my day at Larkspur School.

-----Gail Gregory, Kindergarten Teacher                                                  

Note:  These materials can be adapted to or used by any grade level.

  • Earning Points  (PDF)

  • Expectations:  Reinforcing expectations through poems and songs.  Here are a few examples.

  • First is Best (PDF) adapted from J. G. Meyer

  • Goldilocks and the Three Steps adapted from Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Thanks to Tina Haverstick, Paradise Valley School District, AZ)

  • Individualized Behavior Contract  (PDF)  (Thanks to Marit Piper, El Mirage Elementary School, AZ)

  • Kindergarten Code of Conduct with Parent Sign-Off  (PDF)  (Thanks to Kindergarten at Larkspur Elementary School, AZ)

  • Make Your Day Books (Thanks to Amber Torda, Paradise Valley School District, AZ)

    Common Areas (PDF)

    Points (PDF)

    Rule (PDF)

    Steps (PDF)

  • Make Your Day Mirror:  Gail recommends putting this in your classroom in a location that students can see throughout the day as it provides them with a reminder to believe in themselves.

  • MYD Song (PDF) sung to the tune of "This Old Man, He Played One..."

  • Parent Communication - Daily  (Thanks to Larkspur Elementary School, AZ)
    Many kindergarten and first grade teachers use a hand stamp when students make their day; however, there are those who would prefer to use something else.  Larkspur Elementary School developed a MYD "dollar" as a communication to parents that their child had made their day.

  • Philosophy Highlights (PDF)  (Thanks to Larkspur Elementary School, AZ)

  • (The) Rule Song - sung to "This Land is Made for You and Me" (PDF)  (Thanks to Larkspur Elementary School, AZ)

  • School-Home Communication for Kindergarten  (PDF)  When adapting this to your use, please make sure that you change "school rules" to "school expectations."  (Thanks to Larkspur Elementary School, AZ)

  • Steps for Kindergarten: Diagram (PDF)

  • Visuals:  Gail Gregory, a wonderful kindergarten teacher for many years at Larkspur Elementary School in Paradise Valley School District, Arizona, determined that her students needed more than words to remind them of the expectations for the classroom and the common areas.  She made posters to remind the students, along with her stated expectations, how they could do what was expected and earn points.  Within the classroom, Gail had specific expectations for students at Tables, in the Classroom, at the Listening Center, for Centers and Choosing time and Listening to others speak.  For common areas, she made posters for Lining Up and Hallway expectations.

    Based on Gail's experience with kindergartners she would make the following recommendations:

    • State expectations before all lessons and activities.

    • Use a chart with sentences and pictures to show your expectations.

    • When students start to lose focus, do another set of points to repeat expectations and reset the tone in the classroom.  (MYD Note:  You can do points too few times, but you can't do them too many times.)

    • Review expectations for behavior during points before you ask how many points are earned.

    Getting Started in Kindergarten - and First Grade during the first year of implementation (PDF) (Thanks to Gail Gregory)

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